Substance abuse is destroying the lives of countless individuals and their families.

We at Hope Center exist to show them the way to true freedom over addiction, just as John the Baptist prepared the way for Christ. Our program uses biblical principles along with a spiritual 12 step program to prepare each individual for an encounter with Christ.

It is our firm belief that sobriety is a bi-product of a relationship with Jesus and we have made it our mission to not stop until every addict is a devout follower of Christ

We offer both 8 and 12 month programs consisting of 3 phases which are designed to introduce our residents into a life free from the bondage of addiction and give them purpose and independence as they become faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

Phase 1 (6 weeks)

Hope Center Ministries designed a Three-Phase Program to best support the residents through the various stages of their recovery. The First Phase consists of many benefits:

  • Twelve Steps 
  • Celebrate Recovery
  • Individual Lay Counseling
  • Group Lay Counseling
  • Personal Spiritual Development 
  • Program Curriculum
  • Bible Studies
  • Devotions
  • Daily Reflection
  • Family Support
  • Family Visitation
  • Daily Chores
  • Recreation
  • Support from Sponsoring Church(es)

The Sponsoring Church from the community provides a Weekend Services, Small Group opportunities, Pastoral Care, and much more.


Phase 2 (38 weeks)

As residents move through the program, they will continue to experience everything listed in the First Phase. In Second Phase, the program evolves to best fit the resident's needs by supplanting Daily Chores with Vocational Training - a 40-hour per week element of the program designed to teach residents real-world responsibility in a supportive environment. As residents train with Vocational Training Providers, they build positive rapport, learn life skills, and build healthy references toward a future beyond the program. 

*While most residents choose the one-year program, an eight-month option is available as a choice before entering the program, which results in this phase concluding at 20 weeks rather than 38.


Phase 3 (8 weeks)

As residents they advance into the Third Phase, they receive more privileges, easing them closer to what they will experience past graduation. Some of these are listed below:

  • Principles for better financial stewardship
  • Earn income for a future beyond graduation
  • Personal Phone privileges
  • Personal vehicle privileges